Liu Xingliang, LETV is providing third kinds of samples China globalization Enterprises – Sohu Techn

After Liu Xingliang, LETV is providing China globalization enterprises in third kinds of samples of domestic science and technology – Sohu bigger and stronger, globalization has become the company’s next target is no exception. Since December 2001 China joined WTO, China enterprises began the journey of globalization. The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. In the path of globalization, enterprises with Chinese. Even the mighty BAT, in this way it tasted bitter, miss marvel. After all, the Internet in all industries, should be the closest to the world, the smallest gap. BAT, Alibaba’s global visibility is the highest, Ma is also the most global vision and ambition of the leaders, but also missed the best opportunity for globalization. Remember when I was in Phoenix as a live audience in the United States, Ali, Ali on the globalization of high hopes. When Ali swept the record $25 billion financing, Ma a reputation as Buffett Jobs list, is the best time to kaijiangtuotu. But the next year, but Ma Yun will consume half of the funds in the investment Suning, merger Youku and other domestic investment in traditional industries. Tencent is another story, WeChat would have been the most likely global Internet products, but unfortunately fell on the open this pattern. Baidu is in the early morning, even the late episode did not catch up. Although very rare, but there are still some Chinese sample enterprise globalization. The first sample is non Lenovo internationalization. Lenovo announced in December 2004 to $1 billion 750 million acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business, snake swallow caused a sensation, but also represents the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. That is, through mergers and acquisitions, the supply chain and the manufacturing system, the two channel system has gone out. In addition to Lenovo, many labor-intensive, export of original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers, is also a typical representative of this stage. This is the first export oriented characteristics of the sample enterprise, namely the enterprise technology and equipment from abroad, and the product to finished or semi-finished products in the global market in the form of direct or indirect sale; or the use of local cheap labor, gain competitive advantage by low cost, low value-added products and services. The second sample is HUAWEI. In July this year, Ren Zhengfei in a forum bluntly: HUAWEI is a global company, not a Chinese company." But now, in addition to the chief, who would dare to say that? 2015, HUAWEI to 3898 PCT has announced the number of patent applications to become the largest PCT patent applications. The overseas market has become an important source of revenue for HUAWEI. HUAWEI 2015 annual report shows that global sales revenue of 395 billion, accounting for overseas revenue of $58%. HUAWEI mobile phone with stride forward singing militant songs in recent years, HUAWEI has become more Chinese enterprise internationalization road samples 2B and 2C double atypical pronged. Although there are still many unknowns in the future, but as the music, is providing third samples of Chinese enterprise globalization. "It was said, LeE.相关的主题文章:

Mixture of automobile and helicopter! Flying car or come true 若槻ゆうか

Mixture of automobile and helicopter! "Flying car" or true Sina Technology News Beijing on August 25th news, 50 years ago, hit drama "the Jason family" (the Jetsons) in the prophecy, can drive flying cars and the people of the future, with the whole family to travel around. Now, experts say, we are only one step away from achieving this dream. They believe that a car called Pal-V One and helicopter mixture is considered to be the most likely to become a reality product. Maxim, a fashion magazine, recently named PAL-V as the most likely to make a "real" flying car. "We’ve been working on the development of a flying car that meets the rules of the road, and it’s safe to drive, and we’re thrilled to get a job with a magazine with about 9000000 readers," he said." The company CEO Robert Dingle (Robert? Dingemanse), mansfield. According to him, the company has begun manufacturing PAL-V limited edition model, and in the next few months to make significant progress". The company also claims that they are making the product available to the European Space Agency CS-27 certification. Certification is completed, the product will be able to obtain FAR-27 certification in the United states. A year and a half ago, the Pal-V One flying car completed its maiden voyage. This product is available in two colors: red and black. The company said that they designed products that allow you to come and go anytime, anywhere, easily overcome all obstacles". "You can fly anywhere you want to go! No longer bitter traffic jam, over the lakes, fjords, rivers and mountains freely like an eagle!" The company plans to produce 90 such products, of which 25 will be sold in North america. This product has been successfully tested several times. "We have made Top Gear (UK car show) and the Maxim men’s magazine recognized, this matter is significant." Mark, vice president of North American sales at the company, said? (Jennings-Bates), said the company (Mark). "We have started negotiations with the buyer, the first batch of contracts have been put in place, many people have shown a strong interest in. We are expected to start shipping in 2018." "On the ground, it can be like a sports car normal driving," Pal-V said, "just a few minutes, it will be launched with the tail rotor, elongation, and then could take off." "A series of successful test results show that we can not only produce a flying car, but also to meet the dual rules of the aircraft and motor vehicles." Pal-V One a four horsepower engine with a 230 HP engine is used as a fuel for the flight. Cylinder capacity of 27 gallons, at a low altitude of up to 220 miles per hour (about 354 kilometers per hour). The product is made of carbon fiber.相关的主题文章:

Can return to heaven and earth many times, the shuttle bus the secret can be used to return to the s iptd-651

Multiple entry of heaven and earth "satellite bus": Secret reusable satellite source: Science and technology daily in recent years, the United States space exploration technology company, blue origin company in reusable rocket technology progress. Soon after, there will be a new member of the field of reusable spacecraft from China to join. The 4 reporters from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five learned that part of the overall design of the hospital’s first "reusable return to space environment using satellite" unveiled at the 2016 Zhuhai international airshow, which will fill the blank of the repeated use of unmanned return technology. If the rocket is a satellite, the ship’s vehicle, the return of the satellite is the payload of the shuttle". The five branches of the overall department of this particular car "satellite bus" to reporters. From the 15 world, the condition is still good five overall designer Liu Xin introduction, scientific research personnel to maximize the recovery of lossless concept as the core, the "satellite bus" system configuration, material distribution device, a way of life the ingenious design of landing. On the one hand to ensure that the "passengers" unscathed; at the same time to ensure that the "bus" in the world and after 15 times, the condition is still good, is still in the running state. Landing mode is the "shuttle bus" design of the top priority, researchers used a parachute + airbag, the exquisite design. The parachute is equivalent to the "brake", the airbag will play in the landing buffer and anti scratch role. So, the satellite landing speed is only the traditional satellite 1/20, landing impact force is equivalent to aircraft landing force, greatly enhance the passenger comfort, to ensure that the "lossless recovery and repeated use of satellite bus. It is worth mentioning that the reusable satellite is not the whole. Consider the technical difficulty and economy, researchers from the design to ensure that the recycle bin can be returned and reused 15 times. However, the recycle bin is the core and the most expensive part of the "shuttle bus", which accounts for 80% of all functions. When the shuttle bus to complete a task, just install an engine, plus oil, you can carry out the next work. Specifically to deal with the "impossible experiment" with the development of space science and technology, to obtain more accurate data, the new research methods such as demand for space experiment environment and conditions of the increasingly high demand. For example, if the microgravity level is difficult to achieve, some materials science experiments, fluid physics experiments will be limited. Coupled with the risk of the experiment itself, the timeliness of the need to return and other factors, many experiments can not be carried out in the space station. For these "impossible" space experiments, the "shuttle bus" will be an ideal space laboratory. In order to enhance the level of microgravity, researchers for the first time using the whole star stop control free flight mode, canceled the active parts, so that the satellite can float freely in space, there is no perturbation. Even in the satellite attitude adjustment is required, can also use small thrusters a little fine-tuning, guarantee to minimize disturbance. Compared with the latest recoverable satellite of China, ten.相关的主题文章:

Ministry of Agriculture corn prices or below 1 kg

Ministry of Agriculture: corn prices fell below 1 kg or Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! (a) the price of feed products fell slightly flat. August fattening pigs, chickens, laying hens feed prices were 3.11 yuan, 3.15 yuan per kilogram, 2.88 yuan, were down 0.1%, down 4.2% and 5.2% respectively compared to the same period, 5.3%. Following the main feed price rose for 12 consecutive weeks after the first week of August fell for 3 consecutive weeks, the main feed market price is the most the lows were up 3.7%, 3.3% and 3.6. (two) the main feed raw material price rose. According to the animal husbandry of our country markets and poultry products and feed prices sentinel surveillance, domestic soybean meal in August the average price of 3.47 yuan per kg, down by 1.7%, up 4.8%; the future main source of domestic soybean on the main soybean producing areas of the United States, the weather is good, after the early bullish speculation after the U.S. soybean prices rally support weakened. After the domestic feed manufacturers to supplement the library with the decline in the price of soybean meal, procurement cycle is shortened, the recent demand for light. Domestic corn in August the average price of 2.09 yuan per kilogram, down 0.7% year-on-year, down 15.5%; new south grain market gradually, prices began to fall; the north region in the new period of Chen alternating interrupted, the price is strong. Domestic aquaculture industry in the South after the gradual recovery of heavy rain, but the promotion of environmental protection policies will lead to a large number of farms closed, the impact of feed demand. The average price of domestic imported fishmeal in the domestic market in August 12.60 yuan per kg, down by 0.1%, rose 1.6% year-on-year in July; fish meal imports up by 45.4% in August, WaiPan price continued to decline, while domestic fishmeal market began, in September, the new season will fish meal to Hong Kong, traders shipments will continue to rise, the market price of domestic fishmeal declined slightly. (three) outlook. The new season maize listed, northern region market forecast prices are likely to fall below 1 yuan per kilogram; the southern port area is expected to have sorghum to Hong Kong, also have a certain impact on southern corn market, domestic corn price will continue to decline. Soybean market, domestic soybean imports from Brazil to the United States, September is expected to reduce the amount of soybeans to Hong Kong, facing double stocking pressure at the same time, the domestic soybean supply gap will appear, and the new season soybean market driven U.S. soybean prices is expected to weaken, the domestic soybean prices in the short term will continue to shock down. Fish meal market, with the new season of Peru to Hong Kong and domestic fish meal ban ended, domestic fish meal market to ease the supply pressure, the domestic fish traders shipping attitude to strengthen domestic fish market, prices will continue to fall. Fall in the price of the main feed raw material in the background, is expected to domestic pigs, hens and broiler feed market with prices will continue to decline. (new animal husbandry network) agricultural products set up a network of 16988- purchase of agricultural products nationwide electricity supplier trading platform; [sugar, oil, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resources, procurement docking相关的主题文章:

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